Artificial intelligence represents the next evolutionary step in the digital transformation process that is redefining companies, individuals and society as a whole.

At Soluciona Fácil, we have created a unique methodology, HDIC (Human ∞ Digital ∞ Inner Connect), which is based on our extensive experience in the development and implementation of technological solutions in various sectors.

This methodology focuses on the effective management of people and their crucial impact on these processes, putting people at the center of our strategy.

Our goal is to generate a positive impact on people, so that, in turn, they contribute significantly to their organizations, which will be reflected positively in the bottom line. We measure this impact through specific KPIs.

To achieve this end, we direct our strategy through three main axes: first, the human aspect, managed through a culture focused on change management and a collaborative and continuous innovation model; second, the digital dimension, which seeks to execute projects, increasing productivity and reducing costs; and third, a focus on helping people to transcend and amplify their impact and that of their teams, by fostering an internal connection that allows us to improve as individuals.

AI in my company

You can contact us to see how we can help you in the implementation of AI in your company, where we can conduct an initial study to determine possible areas of improvement in your organization, types of projects that can benefit you, the real benefit vs. costs in each of them, design a roadmap and help you in its implementation.


AI projects we have carried out

We are currently working on AI from different areas in order to raise awareness of this technology and apply it in companies to improve internally, here are some of them.


  • We give conferences in congresses and In Company for companies and managers, to make known the potential of AI Artificial Intelligence for their own companies (Spain, Miami and Latam).


  • We provide training on the use of AI in different areas such as productivity, sales, marketing, LinkedIn, Social Selling, business strategy, marketing strategy, digital marketing, talent attraction, etc...
  • We have specific trainings for C-Level, management team, team leaders, sales people, marketing, etc...


  • We advise companies and Startups in the implementation of AI projects.
  • We carry out projects and implement specific solutions for specific sectors and business needs.

Some of the areas of AI:

  • Customer Service improved with AI.
  • Internal HR management with AI.
  • Data analysis and Insights with AI.
  • Process automation with AI (sales, marketing, etc...).
  • Development of proprietary AI.

Discover what else we are doing with AI

AI Artificial Intelligence
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