Let's transform your company through the best version of people and sail to your blue ocean.
Let's transform your company through the best version of people and sail to your blue ocean.
Let us lift our haunches to your blue ocean.


The new environment in which we live is based on the appearance of constant changes that will be accelerating in an infinite way. Faced with this challenge, companies need to look for their key factor that allows them to differentiate themselves in their market and remain competitive, and that is sustainable over time. In order to achieve this, it is necessary a continuous innovation model managed and developed with an organizational transformation through Change Management.

These changes in the environment directly affect operating models, business systems and technological tools of organizations. But the greatest impact is the one that affects people, in their way of adapting, feeling the new challenges, adapting to them, developing skills (soft, hard and tech) and knowledge (continuously) to ride the crest of the wave of changes to assimilate and lead the new challenges.

Our solution

We get people to change their mindset, to accept and internalize a resilience to technology and change, to develop a new way of working based on collaboration and constant innovation to adapt to continuous changes in their markets in terms of processes and technology, among others, through agile methodologies and training strategies, leadership alignment and communication, applying internationally recognized methodologies and our own methodology developed over more than 30 years developing and implementing transformation projects.

We contribute to the fulfillment of your business objectives, managing change at different levels, initiating the process from the top management to increase the level of commitment and trigger the acceptance of change in all the people of the organization:

  • Involve leadership in conveying the importance of change to achieve buy-in throughout the organization.
  • Defining the "Vision of Change" and the "Case for Change" in your own model.
  • Transmitting and integrating the values of the organization within the DNA of the people and their processes.
  • Design of a communication strategy at all levels of the organization to facilitate the adaptation and assimilation of change.
  • Identification, design and accompaniment in the definition of the impacts of the change in the reality (day to day) that people will experience.
  • Create a scalable change process aligned with business objectives, based on collaboration that facilitates the consolidation of changes in the organization's culture.
  • Facilitate the adoption, understanding and assimilation of concepts related to change.
  • Advise the organization in achieving the reduction of resistance to change, detecting and reducing costs and risks with the agile adoption of change in the collaborators, making them understand their role and impact within the organization, accept it and become active agents of change.
  • Increase team productivity by reducing the learning curve through an adequate transmission of knowledge through different methodologies, learning methods and digital tools that facilitate it.
  • Increase the profitability of change initiatives in the organization.

We integrate cutting-edge digital technology solutions with the existing ones in your organization, looking for the best combination adapted to your company and your goals to allow you to achieve the fastest and easiest way to implement the transformation and changes that your organization needs.

Soluciona Facil's Methodology for Organizational Change Management

The Organizational Change Management methodology develops a series of stages that go from the Definition of the Vision of Change to its development, all through a monitoring of each one of the phases and with an analysis of the team before starting and at the end, in order to have an exact measurement of the change produced.

In addition to applying the most important methodologies recognized internationally after more than 30 years developing and implementing transformation projects, we have developed our own methodology through best practices that we have tested and applied effectively.

Our impact

Contact us and we will tell you about the success stories we have done, and we will study how we can help you in your objectives.