The change of the digital culture in organizations is the factor with the greatest impact on their profitability, differentiation from their competitors, and positioning in the market.
The change of the digital culture in organizations is the factor with the greatest impact on their profitability, differentiation from their competitors and their positioning in the market.
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The famous digital transformation is only one of the pieces of the real change that we develop in organizations within the Digital Culture Change, we are talking about the work culture, the set of practices and attitudes that are key to implement the digital transformation.

We must lead a Digital Culture Change in organizations in order to overcome functional and departmental silos, the fear of taking risks and the difficulty to form a single vision of the customer and act accordingly.

Culture change is key in digital transformation to build a culture of constant change, today's enterprise needs a state of constant evolution.

Forget about making a change and then waiting for the next five years of business as usual, that world, that reality no longer exists.

Our solution

In order to make a lasting and constant change over time, that is progressive and integrated with the values of the company and its DNA, that the entire organization rows in the same direction and with a high level of commitment, it is necessary to design and create a Digital Culture Change applied to the model of your company.

It is not about new computers, smartphones, tablets or other devices, it is not about new applications and digital tools, it is about redesigning - rethinking your business model, and starting from the most valuable part of your organization which are the people who are part of it, helping them to become the best version of themselves so that through them your organization is transformed in an organic and agile way.

Our commitment is to adapt to your organization and help you achieve the goals you want to reach:

  • We perform an analysis and mapping of the people in your organization so that you have a clear vision of the teams you have, what are their real development potentials at individual and team level.
  • We involve the management team and managers to lead the digital culture change and set the way forward.
  • We create your Digital Culture Change model after analyzing your company, the current situation, the objective set, identifying the challenges your teams will face in order to create the buffers, phases, KPIs and action plan.
  • We design a hybrid and agile model to make a Mindset change in people while empowering them individually and as a team through collaboration and constant innovation.
  • We actively involve them in the change to increase their commitment and make them co-leaders of the organization's transformation.
  • We develop education, training, coaching and mentoring sessions to help them develop their full potential.
  • We internalize values such as open collaboration, agile models, continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence through innovation, company values and above all passion for what they do.
  • We integrate our own digital platforms for the creation of digital spaces for development and collaboration.
  • We implement the processes, technologies and digital tools that have been determined necessary to accelerate and facilitate the adoption of change by your teams.
  • Involve leadership in conveying the importance of change to achieve acceptance throughout the organization.
  • Working hand in hand with you and your teams on a day-to-day basis to ensure that your digital culture change is a success and that all the KPIs set in each of the phases are met.

Soluciona Facil's Digital Culture Change Management Methodology

The Digital Culture Change Management methodology develops a series of stages that go from the Definition of the Vision of Change to its development, all through a monitoring of each of the phases and with an analysis of the team before starting and at the end, to have an exact measurement of the change produced.

In addition to applying the most important methodologies recognized internationally after more than 30 years developing and implementing transformation projects, we have developed our own methodology through the best practices that we have tested and applied effectively.

Our impact

Contact us and we will tell you about the success stories we have done, and we will study how we can help you achieve your goals.