“What cannot be measured, cannot be improved”

Peter Drucker
Business consultant and professor, lawyer, considered the greatest management philosopher of the 20th century.

Benefits of Analytics

Give a new evolutionary leap to your company, make the DNA of your company digital and turn it into Social Business.

Campaign Optimization

Beyond having the views and clicks, we can measure the monetary value of each action, and see behavioral patterns to optimize your campaigns..

Your social channels monetized

Convert all your Social Networks into economic values, to be able to manage at a business level the digital channels.

How much is your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc...? What is the monetary value of each type of publication? How much money does each Community Manager generate for you?

Manual, semi-automatic and automatic

Design reports visually, generate them whenever you want, schedule when you want them to be generated automatically and send them by email to the people you specify.

Tailor-made data for each individual

For analysis we need more detailed reports, for management we need reports with more global data and economic valuation, for the technicians who are managing the campaigns, with much more detail.

What would you be interested in being able to improve your digital actions?

Contact us and we will tell you how we can help you.

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What we can do for you

We have advanced analytics solutions, automatic report generation, competitor monitoring, KPIs in $, etc.

Automatic Reporting

  • Build Social Media reports with dozens of modules with your own branding
  • Modules with customizable texts to adapt to your user types
  • Automatic generation and sending of reports to the specified email addresses
  • Download entire report or modules in PDF or CSV format
  • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest and Google Analytics
  • Add different modules for each type of Social Network
  • Identify influencers
  • Identifies viral material
  • Detailed Retweets with reputation level and user account
  • Retweets from multiple accounts
  • Reach by demographic, by region, by post
  • Daily post variation, page comparisons, etc...

Specific solutions for…

We have specific solutions for:

  • Political Parties
  • Financial Entities
  • Telephone Operators
  • Governments

Analytics Dashboard

  • Monitor strategic indicators and don't miss any metric or event.
  • Be aware of your competitors' movements and react faster than anyone else
  • Prepare customized reports for your industry and receive them in your inbox
  • Check the status of your social profiles at a glance on the dashboard
  • Twitter, YouTube and Facebook Analytics in one platform
  • Strategic KPIs

Competitor tracking

  • Monitor relevant social data: public engagement, growth, activity, posting, interaction, Social Media ROI and Socialdigno.
  • Monitor up to 10 competitors from one dashboard and get a clear picture of your brand's competitive position in the market in context.
  • Sophisticated analytics and unlimited reports customized according to the criteria of Business Intelligence tools, with the ability to segment competitor and KPIs.
  • Identify the content and strategies that generate the most engagement.
  • Real-time engagement monitoring of your community and competitors.
  • Identify your brand ambassadors in your community
  • Discover your Engagement ratio
  • Track your competitors' movements
  • Get Facebook, YouTube and Twitter analytics in one platform
  • Identify content trends in your industry
  • Calculate your Social Media ROI
  • Very low cost and scalable.

Advanced Analytics

  • All Platforms in a single view, with all mentions in real time from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+...
  • Sentiment level for any desired time period
  • Visual conversation maps with most used words and phrases
  • Volume and statistics of shares to track likes, retweets and more, all on a single screen
  • Intelligent reports that automatically update with new data

The costs are not by mentions or users, but by searches (the terms you follow on social media, Twitter accounts, Facebook pages).

In the digital world we are very used to planning and executing, but analyzing is what will allow us to improve and be more effective..

David Martinez Calduch
Fundador y Consultor en Soluciona Facil