"Although Big Data was initially born in multinationals, any company, regardless of its size, can apply it at its own scale to improve its business.."

David Martinez Calduch
Fundador y Consultor en Soluciona Facil

Benefits of Big Data and Dashboards

Integration of all your data sources, offline and online, programming of data synchronization, design and programming of Dashboards so you can analyze the data.

Spend only what you need

Multinationals, because of their size, number of countries, delegations, etc. need tools for them.

And an SME (Small and Medium Enterprise), has its own amount of data, sources, and needs. And you will need other kind of tools.

We adapt our solutions to your particular case, each company is a world. And not by spending more, we will have greater results.

All data in one place

One of the biggest problems is the amount of data we have in companies, which in many cases are not connected.

The solution is to create Dashboards for each department, where they only see the data they need, and that allows them to see in real time what is happening, and make business decisions based on clear data.

Best Brand Recognition

Current and potential customers, seeing that you are using the latest solutions available to provide a better service, will have a better perception of your company and your brand.

Customer service

Communications with customers will be even faster and more fluid, resulting in a much higher level of customer satisfaction, higher retention and repeat sales.

What we can do for you

We make the technology part our job, and yours, just tell us what you need to see and analyze.

Analysis and sources of your Big Data

We analyze your company, all the phases of your business, and all the data sources you have, both offline (production plant, CNCs, design, administration, finance, etc...) and online (eCommerce, Ads, campaigns, mailings, etc...).

And from there, we create the data flows and connections.

Scorecard Design

We meet with each Department (Management, Finance, Production, Sales, etc...), to determine what data they need to see and analyze, and we design the Dashboards.


With all the data analyzed, we determine which is the best technological solution for you, we program the solution, with automatic data update processes, so that you only have to log in and view the dashboards.

Analyze, analyze and analyze

We train you and your team in the use of Scorecards, and to be able to make projections.