Having a fast and fluent communication with your customers, nowadays is something that is highly valued by customers.

David Martinez Calduch
Fundador y Consultor en Soluciona Facil

What we can do for you

Move your centralization to a cloud environment, answering machine with the schedule you program, "We call you" button on your Web or eCommerce, local or international numbers to be closer to your customers. Cost reduction in your communications, native integration with CRM.

Solutions for the web

Create a "Let's call you" button on your website, the customer puts his phone number and when he presses send, automatically the switchboard is calling him, and the call is transferred to one of your employees.

Solutions for social networks

You are talking to a customer through a social network, you indicate that you are going to send him a private message, you send him a link, and when he clicks, directly and without installing anything, you are already talking to the customer by voice. If it is a computer through the computer, and if it is a Smartphone, through their device.

Integration with CRM

When you receive a call, automatically opens the customer's CRM file, so you have all their information at a glance.

Tailor-made numbers

Tailor-made numbers per department, geolocalized in the cities where it operates, in countries, etc...

Extension numbers, etc.

Expand the functionalities of your PBX

  • Call you back" web button
  • Call recording
  • Tone dialing menus
  • Speech generation through Text to Speech or through a recording that you can make through the system.
  • Virtual mailboxes
  • Waiting queues
  • Automated surveys
  • VIPS and black lists
  • Integration with databases
  • Call transfer between locations at no cost once the call comes in through the system
  • Emergency routing already configured to only activate in case of need
  • Call discrimination, by origin, by city, by schedule...
  • Call repetition control
  • Real-time statistics and on-line change management for the user.
  • Whisper call notification service
  • Fax to mail

Transcription of conversations

In addition to the possibility of recording conversations, we can have the MP3 audio saved in the customer's CRM file.

It can also be transcribed to text, and stored in the CRM, so that you can make searches.