The power of influencers


87% of marketers who believe that influencer marketing helps achieve objectives faster.


Brands boost their content production each year by 78%.


59% of retailers plan their marketing with the help of influencers.

Viral campaigns

51% of retailers agree they engage customers more effectively with the help of viral influencer campaigns.


74% of consumers consult online blogs and other social networks to discover the latest trends and product reviews before making a purchase..


A group of digital marketing consultants (Convince & Convert), has found that influencer marketing generates, on average, €5.75 in revenue for every €1 invested..

Strategy and Planning

It is not about contacting a person who has many followers, this is the first mistake, it is one more action, within a strategy, where everything has to be well defined..


The first step is to clearly define the objectives to be achieved, and design a strategy including the most suitable influencer for this purpose..


There is a lot of smoke about influencers, we work with real and verified influencers in their respective sectors..


We manage, launch and coordinate the campaign, and report to you through KPIs to measure the effectiveness of the campaign..