Any message posted on your social networks is an official message from your company. We have the technological solutions to prevent the theft and hacking of your company's social networks.

David Martinez Calduch
Fundador y Consultor en Soluciona Facil

What we can do for you in Security

Professionalizing the use of Corporate Social Networks.

We cannot treat Corporate Social Networks as if they were those of a private user.

We must introduce security concepts such as:


Do not reveal the passwords of Corporate Social Networks to users (internal / external).


To be able to deactivate a user and stop access immediately.


Predefine the filtering (Country, State/Province, City and multiple languages) of the publications to the users.

Security Audit

We can audit all incoming and outgoing material from your company and Social Networks, identify which user has posted what and when.

Content Approval

Users that everything they post is waiting to be approved by a superior.


SSL / HTTPS communication for encrypted communications.

What we can do for you

Anti Hacking

Any malicious publication can damage our brand and even influence the bottom line.

If your company has a reputation / brand to defend, we have the necessary mechanisms to create security measures that prevent access to only:

Authorized persons

Assign permission levels so that only the people you define can publish.

Authorized devices

Enable the devices that are approved to publish on social networks, for each user.

Authorized tools

Define which tools have been approved to publish on each social network.

Authorized Social Networks

Create secure channels, defining people, devices, tools and on which networks they can do what.

Secure Channels

Create a secure communication flow with your Corporate Social Media channels.

Security Audit

We perform an Anti Hacking security audit and provide you with a report, so you know where you stand.