Benefits of creating an App for your users

  • User database
  • Direct communication
  • New sales channel
  • Visibility and brand recognition
  • Loyalty
  • Increased reach of publications

What we can do for you

Analysis and functionalities

We will meet with you, analyse what objectives you want to achieve, and what are the functionalities that best suit your needs.

Design and Programming

We will create the app you need, with all the functionalities that we have found useful for you.

We can develop all the functions in a first version of the application, or a minimum viable MVP version, and then increase the functionalities to reduce the initial costs.

Maintenance and updates

We take care of the application maintenance and updates.

Android and iOS

We can develop the application for Android and iOS platforms.

Features on your Smartphone Application

User registration

Generate a user base, allow them to register with their Social Networks.

Carry out Marketing Campaigns using user data, with personalised communications based on their interests.

m-Commerce Mobile Store

Incorporate your current e-Commerce online shop to your App, or we can create an m-Commerce from scratch.

Let your users order directly from their mobiles, tablets and computers.

Points of interest

Create a map with geolocated points of interest, your offices, your shops, relevant sites, event location, etc...

Users will be able to access detailed descriptions of each point: opening hours, contact details, personalised pages.

Push messages

Reach your users in the most direct way, with notifications on the home screen of their mobile devices.

Schedule and send personalised offers, send geolocalised messages so that users only see them when they pass through certain geographic areas.

Social wall

Allow your users to chat with each other, share comments, ideas and images.
A very useful feature to get feedback from customers.


Use point systems with QR coupons, GPS or stamp cards and personalise them.

Keep your customers coming back again and again to increase your ROI.

Multi language

Make your app available in multiple languages.

Electronic Signature

Enable signatures from your app.

Direct call

Allow your customers to call you with a single click.


Carry out mailings using your users' contact details.

Your blog in your App

Connect your news blog, so that it is available directly from the App, and users can share the content.

Your RRSS in your App

Show what you publish on your Social Networks within your App.

Show and share video

Show and share videos from your Youtube channel.


Give your users access to save notes in the app.

Voice Recording

Allow your users to record and send voice memos.

Share your App

Let your users share your app with other users, and spread the word about it.


Share PDF documents with your users, menus, brochures, flyers, catalogues, programmes, etc...

Where I parked

Allows your users to mark the location of where they have parked, so they can easily locate it.


Collect and analyze key data about your app and its users, to see how you can better serve them, detect new business lines, etc...

Photo and video sharing

Allow your users to share photos and videos from within the app.

How to use the App guide

Show your users an introduction to the functions of your app.

Mortgage Calculator

Let your users calculate the monthly amount of a mortgage.

Contact form

Make it easy for your users to contact you, with customizable forms.

Vertical functions for divisions


Generate a calendar with the program of your event, including dates, prices, schedules, speakers, contents, etc...

Make it possible for users to save the events directly in the calendar of their devices, so that they do not forget them, and they remain in the history of their calendar.

Review Marketing

Ideal for local businesses, improve the local positioning of your business and attract new customers.

Improve your SEO and improve the reputation of your website.

Get positive reviews with Google, Yelp, Facebook and TripAdvisor.

Reservation manager

Allow your customers to make reservations directly from their Smartphones, receive payments directly through the application.

Manage appointments from the control panel, receive notifications by email or directly in the management App.

Food Orders

Make it easy for your customers to order from their mobiles, customize prices, menu, ingredients, etc.

All data in real time.

Music / Podcast

Share and sell music within your mobile app.

Enable background audio playback, so users can continue to listen to music and audios even when they are outside the app.

Real Estate

Specific solutions for Real Estate, import your portfolio through CSV files automatically.

Sports Statistics

Displays a flexible counter where you will be able to share the results.

Golf Courses

Allows your users to mark their scores.

Restaurant Menu

Add your restaurant menu to the app.

More sectors

  • Stores and eCommerce
  • Bars and Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Music Bands
  • Law Firms
  • Gyms
  • Medical Centers
  • Events
  • Real Estate
  • Nightclubs and Clubs

Some of the available integrations

Paypal, Mailchimp, Google Maps, Magento, iTunes, Campaign Monitor, Braintree, Stripe, Shopify, etc...