Any message posted on your social networks is an official message from your company. We have the technological solutions to prevent the theft and hacking of your company's social networks.

Security & Anti Hacking Social Media
Secure your digital communication channels.

Integrate your legal department in the approval of digital content before publication, send them internally and privately, social conversations so they can advise you what to answer.

Social Media Legal Department
Do you need to comply with legislation when publishing content?

There is nothing more important than your brand, and it is essential to defend it from people who are using it improperly. We identify inappropriate uses and create alerts at an international level.

Social Media Brand Protection
If your brand is relevant and you need to prevent people from impersonating you with fake profiles, we have the solution.

We erase digital content that is about you, we remove your trace on the Internet.

Right to be forgotten
Delete any content that is about you and you don’t want anyone to see it.