There are countries and sectors where the content we publish has to comply with the corresponding legislation. To avoid lawsuits and not stop the flow of your company's content, involve your legal department..

David Martinez Calduch
Fundador y Consultor en Soluciona Facil

Content approval

In those sectors and countries with the need to comply with legislation, we have solutions for your Digital Marketing Department to prepare and program the contents, and your Legal Department to review, approve or send indications with the necessary changes.

All your departments working on the same platform and screen.

Advice on conversations

There are situations in which we are dealing with customers on social networks, and we may need the help of our Legal Department, to help us make the right answer / action.

We have the systems that will allow you to have an internal social conversation in your company, where your employees can collaborate in real time with your Legal Department.

Contact us and we will tell you how we can help you.

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