It makes no difference whether a sales process starts digitally and ends face-to-face, or a process starts face-to-face and ends digitally. It's all about closing sales. The rest are tools to help us in the process.

David Martinez Calduch
Founder and Consultant at Soluciona Facil

What we can do for you


We analyse your way of selling, both online and offline, we see the stages you go through, the steps you follow, the messages, the tools you use, the channels you use to generate leads.

And from there, we create a project to improve your sales and closing process.


If necessary, we implement the optimal tools and integrate them into your sales process.

Training for your employees

We train you and your team, so that you can improve your sales process.

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Do you want to improve and increase your sales?

Contact us and we will tell you how we can help you.

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